carol stanzione
carol has played a plethora of interesting characters in her commercials ranging from  her portrayal of Fran Bucher in a spoof of Young Frankenstein, her Nurse Ratched performance for Altoids and a electrocuted "cat lady" in a tub for Got Milk. Most recently she got cast as Pau Gasol's aunt in a spot for Banco Popular and a grand dame from the 1890's in a spot for Mercedes Benz new Electric car due to released in 2012!

Mercedes Benz -2010                                        Playmates Toys- 2009


Kodak commercial (l) Brian Chenobit  (r) carol stanzione                                        KODAK

TNT- "Halloween Promo"                                        SY-Fy Promo      


Killers have provided their song "Goodnight, Travel Well" as a soundtrack to a new human trafficking PSA for Unicef & MTV directed by David Slade ("Hard Candy") (l)  & carol Stanzione

The video is currently being broadcast on MTV networks around the world, with the potential to reach over 500 million people. It was created to raise awareness about and help prevent sex trafficking, which is a problem much more common than most people realize. 

Amgen Industrial  (l) Brandon Jarrett  (c) Carol Stanzione (r) Cynthia Rothschild